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Hello, earthlings! I am NOMMO.
Use my BTC trend prediction tech carefully.
BTC Prediction July
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Chance 100%


In the EXRATES Lab, we are possibly managed to create a grail by means of the alien NOMMO technology that will hopefully help you navigate in the realities of the crypto market.

This technology allows predicting the Bitcoin price trend by dates during the Earth calendar month, where Pump and Dump are rapid changes in the rate, including the changing trend of the rate within a day in the UTC+3 time zone. Bitcoin is the basis of the crypto market with over 50% domination and the change of its rate directly affects the status of rates of all altcoins.

Note the number of notches on the arrows on the predictions days, it shows the expected intensity of Pumps and Dumps, regarding the average values.

!!! Predictions are just an experiment and not financial recommendation, they are related only to the specified dates, not referring to the time intervals between them when anything else may happen.

!!! Within a month it is possible to make changes, provided that they are made before the prediction date.

Due to the need for adaptation with high tech alien technologies, the system is currently in the process of testing.


03 Nov